Water Genie Backpack/Trolley

  • Water Genie Backpack/Trolley

Water Genie Backpack/Trolley

Water Genie Backpack/Trolley

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  • Water Genie Backpack/Trolley
  • New to the market the 20L Water Genie backpack/trolley.
  • The Backpack comes with a Variable speed controller and voltage meter to ensure that you are always in control.
  • Back packs are a great addition to any window cleaners equipment. They allow you to quickly and efficiently pull up to a job and clean the windows without the need of trailing hoses and the hassle of going back and forth to the van to turn the speed up /down. Everything you need to clean is on your back; the water, the speed controller, battery and pump. Also ideal for the moments when you need to gain access over roofs or over hedges etc.
  • However there’s more……
  • This is the first backpack in the market that can transform into a trolley for the times that the weight gets too much. Simply attach the caddy (supplied) onto the backpack and you can now cart the Water Genie backpack around.A tool every window cleaner should have in their van, perfect for a backup pump system or to use to apply chemicals to plastics.
  • Covered under 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Micro Diaphragm pump
  • Working Pressure 2.0-4.5 Bar
  • Limit Of Pump Pressure 4.5-5.0 Bar
  • Battery: 12v 7ah (Maintenance Free)
  • Built in voltmeter
  • Comes with 1 x Female Rectus 21 Fitting 6mm

Weight 2.5 kg

Dimensions 50 × 40 × 80 cm


No End Stop Coupling (Rectus Fitting), End Stop Coupling 6mm (Rectus Fitting)