Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Equipment

Barbed Fittings

Normally used in the joining of hose to hose.

Brush Fittings

Brush Fittings.Pencil Jets.Fan Jets.Push fit Connections.Brush Hose

Brushes & Goosenecks

We stock various Waterfed pole Brushes and goosenecks.


Available in various sizes.

Hose Reels & Spares

For the storage and transportation of minibore or microbore hose.

Hozelock Fittings

Used for connecting 1/2″ hose to various waterfed pole equipment.

Pumps & Controllers

Water pumps are required for the pumping of water from your onboard water tank to your waterfed pole and brush.

Pure Water Additive

Pure Water Additive

Push Fit Fittings

We stock a range of Push Fit Fittings.

Rectus 21 Series Type Fittings & Hose Clips

Used in the joining of waterfed pole hose to your main hose.

Resin & Vessels

Resin and Vessels.Resin available in 25L bags.

Replacement Filters & Membranes

Replacement 10″ and 20″ pre filters

RO Systems

RO Systems

Safety Signs

Safety signs to be displayed in the area were you are working to highlight trip hazards

Split Chargers - Electrical Fittings - Related Products

Split Chargers And Electrical Fittings And Related Products


Inline taps for controlling water flow.

Tanks & Frames

A range of Water tanks and frames for water storage

Van Bedliner

Van Bedliner

Trolley Systems

Trolley System are very mobile pieces of equipment

Van Equipment

Van Equipment -Door locks, Van Ports , Paint

Van Mounted Systems

Van Mounted Water Fed Pole Systems

Waterfed Poles

Waterfed Poles.Available in various materials.