FaceLift Phoenix 650L - 2 Man System

  • FaceLift Phoenix 650L - 2 Man System

FaceLift Phoenix 650L - 2 Man System

FaceLift Phoenix 650L - 2 Man System

Price: £2634.00 (ex vat. £2195.00)

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facelift® phoenix 650 litre 2 man system

  • The Phoenix Van Mounted system is an upright system designed to maximise the space in your vehicle.


  • With a compact footprint and all the major components secured internally behind a magnetic faceplate, the Phoenix system is built to last.


  • The 650 Phoenix is the perfect two-operator system suitable for larger vehicles

    • 100psi Pump
    • Digital Flow Controller
    • High Power Battery
    • Built-In Battery and split charge relay, Pump, controller
    • Robust powder coated frame


  • Delivery Only Options


  • These models do not include any means to purify water, making them the perfect option for those who fill up from pure water filling stations.


  • DI Filtration Option


  • These models include DI filtration meaning you simply fill from a water source and the water is purified on-demand, as you use it, providing nothing but a perfect finish every time. Advised for soft water areas. 


  • RO/DI Filtration Option


  • These models include a four-stage RO/DI filtration system. This system connects to a water source and filters water as it enters the tank. Advised for hard water areas. 




  • The lead-acid leisure battery will need to be connected via split charge relay to the vehicle battery, allowing the system battery to charge from the vehicle battery as you drive.